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1/2/3 DECEMBER 2023

It’s important for us to create a pleasant, healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Whether it’s during classes, workshops or social dancing, everyone is asked to adopt a respectful and tolerant behavior, allowing everyone to express themselves and be themselves freely, while respecting the others.

Please help us promote a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!


Zero tolerance for discrimination. Really not.

We won’t tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, derogatory remarks, insults or intimidation related to one’s identities and/or positionnalities, including gender identity, race, age, ability, ethnicity, culture, immigration status, sexual orientation and identity, class position and economic background, religious belief and affiliation, physical and/or clothing characteristics or chosen role in the dance.

If anything is up, we're here for you.

If, during the event, you are victim or witness of a disturbing behavior, or one that is contrary to this code of conduct, don't stay by yourself: talk to the Care Team. Specific team members will be here to listen to you and help you if needed. Don't hesitate to ask them. They will offer you an attentive ear and will guarantee the confidentiality of what you’ve shared.

It's ok to say no.

Everyone has the right to say "no" without justification or pressure, whether it is for a dance or even a move or exercise in class. Furthermore, a "yes" to a dance is a "yes" only to a dance, it does not imply anything more than that.


We dance together.

Dance roles are not gendered. For partnered dances, everyone is free to learn and dance in the role of their preference in that moment, it be in class or during parties.

A dance is a team effort: each role has the same importance, and the equal participation of each person in the dance is necessary to make a pleasant experience for everyone possible.


Swing dances are social dances.

We invite you to dance with everyone. We value the variety of dancing with many different people, as it enhances learning, strengthening the community and reflects a spirit of openness and inclusion.


You are your best ally !

Everyone learns at their own speed, be indulgent and kind to yourself, as well as to your partners in class and during parties.


Feedback? only when asked.

Feedback is a great tool for progress and reinforcing teamwork. We encourage feedback when it is solicited and kind, in class rather than during social dancing.

As a general rule, talking about how you feel – not what your partner is doing or not doing – will be more constructive: work together and not against each other.

As an exception to the rule, if a move hurts or bothers you, please tell your partner immediately.

Hygiene and comfort: so that everyone feels good.

Remember to wear appropriate clothes and shoes that are comfortable for you and appropriate around others. A change of t-shirt, deodorant, breath mints and any other habit that makes you and others feel comfortable are welcomed!


To the dance floor!

The dance floor does not always allow you to dance using all the space you want. Look around and adapt your dancing to the space available: respect other dancers – both during socials and classes.

And if anything happens, make sure that everyone is okay and apologize.

Let's stay grounded!

Aerials don’t belong on the social dance floor, but in a secure environment like a practice room. It can indeed be dangerous for you, your partner and the people around you. The only exception to the rule is if you master the technique, the safety and have the consent of your partner: then you can show off during a jam or a demo!


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