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1/2/3 DECEMBER 2023


DISCOVERY Classes (2H30)
 A LA CARTE Classes (3H - 6H)
3 PARTIES with LIVE music


Every WEEKEND Pass will also includes

A GET TOGETHER : a moment with all the participants, lead by Briana and The Smile Trio. They have "Carte Blanche" so the content will be a surprise for us too ;-)

A TALK: to follow up on the Get Together, our MC, Corina will lead a talk about african american dances and their heritage. 

A MOVIE and a DISCUSSION: to wrap up this cozy weekend, we will watch movie together that will be about swing dancing or not...but certainly about black and african american culture. Exact title TBC. This screening will be followed by an open discussion lead by our guest MC Corina.

A mozambican dance TASTER by the Smile Trio. 


Moving together towards dance that is more authentic and respectful of the values of Jazz and the African-American community that created swing dances, is very important to us.

As a part of this process, we would like to offer you the opportunity to explore and go deeper into your understanding of African American history and culture.

In EVERY Class Pass, you will have two DISCOVERY classes given by Briana.

Stepping (1h15):

The Stepping is a highly energetic African-American form of body percussion. Steppers utilize their body as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds with one's' hands, feet and voice. Strong emphasis will be placed on stepping technique, movement execution as a group and the cultural expression of stepping. Overall, the workshop will emphasize moving and creating music together.

Voice and Rhythm (1h15):

You will explore individual and collective expression through rhythm by using our voices and body percussion.  You will dive into collective improvisation techniques, percussive sequences, and vocal activities that allow us to create and be the rhythms within and around us.

These courses will be all levels. It will be an opportunity to meet skiers who practice the other slopes!

"A la Carte" Classes

In addition to the DISCOVERY courses, you will get to choose between 1 or 2 A LA CARTE Classes to your Weekend Pass.

These classes are:



Each class includes 3H of each discipline (2x1h30)

Then, yes the 2 A LA CARTE Classes thing is a lot of hours of classes...gentle reminder that if you decide to go for that option you should be aware of ;-)

These A LA CARTE classes will be given by Frida and Skye (Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz) and Aiala & Gurutz (Lindy Hop).

The will be NO AUDITION. We trust you to carefully read the description below. Picking your group in the most accurate and honest way, is being respectful to your classmates but also it is putting you in the best environment to learn and explore. 


BLUE slopes

It's been a year or more that you are a lindy hopper. You have been going to a few socials and you may have been traveling to your first international event on a weekend. 

RED slopes

You have been dancing for maybe a couple of years. You go to as many social dance event (local / international) as you can. You might be practicing on your own. 

Black slopes
You have been dancing for years. Travelling to international festivals might be happening many times during a year. You practice on your own and you might even be teaching on your local scene. Swing dancing is part of your every day life, it's more than "just" a hobby.



Dancing Solo Jazz might be pretty new to you but you have a bit of experience (this isn't a beginner track).

You might be dancing Solo Jazz for a while but you like to take your time and explore at a nice cool pace. 


You are an experienced Solo Jazz dancer.


You are not that experienced but your Solo Jazz has some good foundations. You like to be pushed and are ready to be struggling a bit. 


Your WEEKEND Pass includes 3 evenings of LIVE music: 


9pm-2amReverent Juke (BE) and DJs from the Association. Teachers' intro. 


8:30 pm-3am:  Big Band from Dorigny (CH),  Reverent Juke (BE) and the DJs from the Association. Shows & Battle. 

6.30 pm-11 pm: cozy goodbye party with a jam session and the Djs from the Association.


Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday between 10.30am and 5pm. The exact schedule will be announced 6 weeks prior to the event. 

Classes will be taught in English.


It is possible to register with a partner or as a single leader/follower/switch. If you choose the "switch" option, your role will be defined on the spot before each class, depending on the balance.  As a switch, we expect you to have a similar level in both roles and we will also expect you to dance in both roles during the parties.

Each person fills out a form, even if you register with a partner.

If you register as a leader/follower without a partner, you will be placed on waiting list until someone in the other role registers, alone too. 

For local tax reasons, we have to bill you separately for the social activities/Classes and the Parties. So don't be surprised if you see two lines on your invoice: one for the weekend pass and one for the parties. The total price remains the same, of course.

You want to participate but but you can't afford to do so?

Contact us to find a solution. 

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