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1/2/3 DECEMBER 2023

Terms and conditions

By paying for your subscription to Winter Swingtime, you accept the following conditions and rules:

Once registration is confirmed, the participant has 5 days to make payment. If the payment does not arrive within this period, the organization reserves the right to cancel the registration. 
When registering with a partner the registration of the two participants is not confirmed until both people have paid. If one of the two partners does not pay, the other partner is placed on the waiting list in the place he/she would have occupied by registering without a partner.
Once the registration has been paid, it is final. We will not issue any refunds.
Passes are transferable; it can be transmitted to a person of the same group and the same role. This is only possible after obtaining the validation of the organization. Passes cannot be partially transferred (f.ex: one person on saturday and one person on sunday).

In the event of cancellation due to force majeure (natural disaster, pandemic, etc.), the organization will refund up to 100%. The final amount will be calculated once the total amount of costs incurred has been determined. The organization undertakes to do everything possible to reduce this amount (cancellation insurance, flexible reservations, etc.) and will be fully transparent.


All participants undertake to respect the charter. The organization reserves the right to exclude immediately and without right to any refund any person who contravenes this rule.


It is the responsibility of participants to insure themselves against damage they may cause to others and to themselves. The organization cannot be held responsible for damages caused by participants.


Announcements concerning artists have no contractual value. If it is impossible for one of these people to participate in Winter Swingtime, he/she can be replaced without this giving the right to a refund.


For now, in Switzerland, this kind of event is allowed without any restriction. If, by the date of the event, this should have changed, the organization will adapt its requirement to the restrictions edicted by the authorities.

The organization cannot be held responsible for any change in the requirements.  


We will have photographers taking pictures during the whole event. We will publish those pictures on our social media accounts during and after the festival. If for any reason you would like us to remove a picture of you, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. 

The same thing applies to videos. 

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