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1/2/3 DECEMBER 2023

Aiala Larreina (ESP)
Gurutz Larrea (ESP)


Aiala and Gurutz are Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dancers from Vitoria-Gasteiz, small city in the north of Spain where they started dancing.

In 2017 they decided to move to Madrid and nowadays they have their own project called “la Demo Swing Lab” where they keep teaching and sharing their love and respect for this culture. They are also part of a dance company called Bababop Danza, a space and group of friends where they train and perform. For them this is a path where you never stop learning and they are continuously looking to improve.

Aiala has been dancing basque folklore since she was little since it is part of her family culture. After 10 years in this discipline she found Lindy Hop, she connected with it immediately and started going deeper into its culture and history.

Gurutz found Lindy Hop in the Jazz Festival week that celebrates every year in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He never intended to become a dancer because he was mainly playing handball and skateboarding since he was 13. But little by little he was getting more into it and moving away from other hobbies.

Aiala Larreina & Gurutz Larrea - All-Star Classic Routine - ILHC EUROPE 2022
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