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1/2/34 DECEMBER 2023


We practice an art form created by the African-American community, in a context far removed from our own. As guests in this culture, we strive to find ways to move towards a community that is more aware of the challenges and values inherent to swing dance. We are also working to improve its inclusivity.

We can all make things happen, at our level. In addition, there are great organizations that do so on a large scale. 

For this edition, it was important to us to support one of them:


Its mission is to provide assistance to established and developing dancers, musicians, researchers and community builders endeavoring to be of greater service to community members of African and African diasporic heritage. 

In 2022, Winter Swingtime donated 2% of the amount collected for the passes. Together with the individual donations made by participants, it's a total an amount of 850 USD that has been donated to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund. 

For 2023, we decided to convert the donation into Free Passes for BLHF members. 3 WEEKEND Passes have been made available to the organization, which will offer them to its network. If not all of these 3 passes are used, Winter Swingtime will donate the equivalent value at the end of the event.

When you register, you can add a donation which will be entirely donated to the BLHF at the end of the event.

You have questions? Comments ? Do you want to suggest an organization to which we could donate for WST 2024? Write to us!


Swingtime Lausanne does not make profit out of this event. If it does, this profit is really small. 

The small group classes isn't compatible with a balanced budget. That said, this is what makes our festival special and we don't want to move away from it!

We also really value offering good conditions to the artists and speakers, both in terms of fees and hospitality (accommodation, food,...) and this, especially in a country like Switzerland, represents an important investment. 

The 2023 budget foresees a "loss" of about 1'500.- CHF. This amount is entirely covered by Swingtime Lausanne, a non profit Association which, thanks to its other activities during the year, can afford this investment. The Swingtime Lausanne Association also provides its employee and Secretary General to manage the administration and communication of this event and grants free access to its studio (Studio Swingtime). 

If the festival ends up making profits, the amount will be made available to the Association Swingtime Lausanne who will us it to keep promoting swing dancing, history and values in the Lausanne region. 

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